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Welcome to the (temporary) home of InkRing, the Splatoon-themed webring! For more information, please click "ABOUT" in the navbar.

InkRing is best navigated in a desktop view (mainly because Tumblr mobile view hides the navigation bar with custom themes).

Here's the list of stuff that's included in the InkRing! This list is still a work in progress, so some sites may not have a direct link here yet. Stay tuned!

Link Owner Description
[GO!] MJCabbages The future hub site of the InkRing network. Under construction!
[GO!] MJCabbages The current hub site of the InkRing network. Under construction!
[GO!] Edamamu Superfresh squid kid cosplayer and prop-maker
[GO!] SoDaRa Gear Checklist for Splatoon 2 which calculates various stats and data based on what you own.
[GO!] Eli Fessler A boatload of cool Splatoon related projects!
[GO!] CoopersCave SplatDrabbles, A series of short stories and drabbles about a group of rag-tag inklings and octolings!
[GO!] Fychanyan SPLATIPS, a comic with tips and tricks for all kids and squids!

This is the temporary home of InkRing, the Splatoon-themed web ring. Our goal is to connect all of the content of Splatoon fans in an effort to expose more content creators in the fandom. Also, we want to bring more Splatoon fans closer together!

The InkRing is currently run by MJCabbages, please contact them if you are interested in adding your site to our network!! Twitter DMs and emails (mjcabbages at gmail dot com) are both acceptable means of contact!

Here's some button scripts! Once you're added to InkRing, copy the script for any one of the button examples below and paste it somewhere in your site's HTML!

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Our page is currently under construction, but we'll have more content coming soon!

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